Our Staff

Roy Smith

Roy has been with Cedar Products since 1988 as our lot manager and craftsman extraordinaire. His experience with decking and fencing projects has proven invaluable when helping our customers configure and plan their projects. Roy is the driving force behind our handmade chairs, swings, benches, tables, garden boxes, and custom-built projects. We rely on Roy to be the overseer and arbiter of our quality control standards. His attention to detail will be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to have purchased something from his workbench.

Nate Davis

Nate has been with Cedar Products since 2017 as the go-to customer service representative, assistant lot manager, and craftsman. He is the first to admit it has been a great learning experience and learn it he has. Nate is another one who takes a lot of pride in his work, and he has an eye and attention to detail that make him a valuable asset to our staff at Cedar Products.

Chuck and Donna Beagle

Chuck and Donna are native Montanans who took over the Cedar Products operation in 2020 from its founder Mark Denton. Chuck and Mark have a friendship that spans decades, and Mark has promised to condense his 35 years of experience into a digestible nugget that will allow Cedar Products to serve the Missoula community for another 35 years. Their primary goal is to change very little, and to continue to build on Cedar Product's reputation for affordable quality.

Jace Beagle

Jace is the youngest member of the Beagle family, and started working in the family cedar business at the beginning of 2023. He knows he has a lot to learn, but looks forward to coming to work with the likes of Roy and Nate. He was born and raised in Missoula and feels like Cedar Products Unlimited provides him with a great opportunity to enrich the community with a quality product. He has a fantastic work ethic and we are lucky to have him.